Sr. PHP/Drupal Coder Developer - CRD001 (BBBH252) Santa Monica, California

Salary: Market Rate

We are a well funded Santa Monica startup seeking a passionate Front-end Developer to help build our online banking platform.

We make banking fair, fashionable and fun. Our Members enjoy a feature-rich, FDIC-insured checking account as a better/faster/cheaper alternative to the branch bank. We partner with the world’s most beloved and recognizable talents, causes, teams and brands to issue affinity Visa Debit Cards attached to each Member account. Our members then get “black card” access based on their chosen card: early access to concert tickets to a favorite band, access to TV sets during taping of a reality show, signed merchandise from an artist you love, a chance to play HORSE with your favorite NBA star, and more. Please note: this role can be located in Denver, CO or LA (Santa Monica); we prefer LA (Santa Monica).

Your Responsibilities:

Work with other members of the technical team to implement web-based products

Responsible for coordinating with senior engineers to plan new features and enhancements

Work on a mix of customer facing and internal tools

You are:

A Git-lover and enthusiast for finding and building tools to make life easier for yourself

Familiar with Drupal and proficient with PHP

Comfortable working with Ubuntu, Apache and other common open-source web products

Familiar with CSS but not necessarily an expert

Dedicated to creating smooth interactions optimized for business goals

Our environment:

We work with a variety of cloud service providers (Rackspace, AWS)

We’re data driven: we regularly do A/B testing

We’re one of 5,000 companies worldwide with access to the Facebook Ads API

We’re primarily in Los Angeles, San Diego and Denver

Our scale is growing rapidly which continues to give us interesting problems to solve

About us: We are a group of motivated, analytical and fun-loving nerds. We are building a different kind of banking service, which starts by being a service that each of us uses and loves. We passionately use and contribute to a variety of open-source software projects. We are trying to make banking fair, fashionable, and fun.