MRI Tech II (1665) Juneau, Alaska

Salary: DOE

Classification:     MRI/tech II

Union:    Yes

FLSA:    Non-exempt

Date:       April 2001

Primary Job Purpose:

The  MRI/technologist II under direction of a qualified physician, radiologist, diagnostic imaging manager, assistant manager and special imaging coordinator performs diagnostic MRI procedures by producing, assessing, and evaluating images and related data that are used by physicians to render medical diagnosis of diseases and injuries.

Patients Served:  Neonatal, pediatric, adolescent, young adult, middle age, and elderly.

Specific Responsibilities, Knowledge, and Skills:

1.    Supports Bartlett Regional Hospital’s strong commitment to the highest standards of business an

       Professional ethics.  Provides services in compliance with all state and federal laws governing the

       hospital’s operations.  Consistently maintains confidentiality of all medical, financial, employee,

       computer or other information which might jeopardize the privacy of others. 


  1. Display competency to perform procedures in MRI specialty.


  1. Acquire and evaluate data while exercising discretion and judgement performing  MRI exam by;
  1. Obtaining, reviewing, and bringing together pertinent history.
  2. Provide interpreting physicians with an oral or written summary of technical findings.


4.    Recognize exam results that may require immediate clinical response and notify the interpreting

        physician or other appropriate physician of MRI findings


5.     Select and operate appropriate MRI equipment to achieve the objective of the examination.


  1.  Operate darkroom, daylight, and laser processing equipment.


  1.  Perform clerical duties, filing, scheduling, and reception as needed.


  1. Contributes to on-going Quality Assurance Program.


  1. Orders supplies for MRI department.


  1. Takes emergency call as assigned.


  1. Participates in appropriate hospital committees as assigned and attends regular staff meetings


  1. Performs other duties as assigned.


  1. Assists with orientation and guidance of new MRI technologist I

Reports To:  Diagnostic Imaging Manager

Workers Supervised:  None

Minimum Employment Requirements:

Education:  High School education and 24 month program or equivalent in radiological health science Approved by the American Medical Association.  Currant American Registry of Radiological Technologist (A.R.R.T.) and MRI certification required.

Experience:  One-year prior MRI work experience preferred and MRI certification required.

Physical Demands:    Moderate to occasional lifting up to 50 lbs.  Pushing and pulling of equipment.  Walking and handling of patients and supplies.  Standing or sitting for long periods of time.