CVP - Market Management-Women's Market (6808BR) Sleepy Hollow, New York

• Build the Women’s Market strategy and manage the overall Field implementation of the Women’s Market Manpower Expansion Plan.
• Develop short and long term strategies to increase the number of women managers and manage the implementation of the plan.
• Manage the budget.
• Supervise and develop the Women’s Market Team.
• Build plans to effectively recruit and develop agents across generations and economic markets, i.e. first generation, second generation, middle, affluent.
• Establish turnkey ground activities that can be replicated and sustained in Target GOs, including automatics that support the WIN strategies, market programs and campaigns.
• Determine Target GOs and level of support.

• Oversee the ground activities in Target GOs by working with the designated Team members to:
o Develop a local plan to grow the number of Women Market agents and managers, and from the activities, support the agents and managers in growing their businesses.
o Manage the budgets allocated for Target GOs to support the implementation of the respective plans and achieve the established goals
o Build sustainable strategies and tactics for the GO to sustain growth in the market
o Track daily activities

• Coordinate a strategic Team to develop tactics and initiatives to achieve manpower goals and objectives.
• Work with Agency Training and Development to develop training programs to drive case rate, overall sales and manpower growth.
• Work with the Target Market marketing Team to implement marketing programs, develop materials and create lead generation activities.
• Work with Target Market analyst to asses and report overall progress and to analyze results and modify plans accordingly.
• Work with Zone Senior Management and G.O. Management on successful implementation of Women’s Market initiatives.
• Work with Zone Senior Management and G.O. Management to identify internal Women management candidates.
• Identify and negotiate strategic alliances with women organizations and thought leaders.

Recruiting experience.
Extensive marketing/sales experience.
Strong organizational skills.
Extensive knowledge of Women’s Market.
Experience in developing and implementing an effective communication strategy to diverse audiences.
Excellent project management skills.
Experience in formulating sales and recruiting strategies.
Knowledge of Company structure, products, and services.