Policy and Disbursement Representative (8600BR) Cleveland, Ohio


Working under the direction of the Policy Administration Manager, the Senior Representative will work to achieve the goals of processing the following service transactions; verify that customer identification information is accurate on company systems, update complex beneficiary designations received via the virtual service center, research and respond to complex inquiries from policyholders received via the virtual service center such as historical requests for policy values, premium payments and policy changes.

The position is also responsible for; Processing complex title requests such as trust agreements, researching and responding to miscellaneous correspondence such as dates of prior changes and point in time values, providing policyholders with financial histories, researching and providing outside government entities with specific information related to a policy, changing mailing addresses, updating beneficiary designations, updating collateral assignment information, processing dividend option changes, sending paperwork to owners necessary to request service transactions, processing requests for inforce policy illustrations, updating ownership change requests, updating taxpayer identification information on company records, processing basic title change requests such as owners designee, and correcting errors or providing manual updates for transactions that do not update automatically.

The Senior Representative is expected to be work with minimal supervision from the manager and assistance from the more senior team members. They will work with other members of the Policy Administration Team to provide timely, efficient, and accurate service to policyholders, agents, and employees of related service teams. The Senior Representative is able to handle service requests, such as those involving multiple related beneficiary and ownership change transactions. They are a technical expert for all processes listed above. They will be expected to review procedures, make suggestions when appropriate, and assist in drafting updates to procedures when new products are introduced or system changes are required.

They may lead one-on-one training sessions to develop team mates. They handle high-profile service requests and will participate in project teams associated with the work functions of the team (for example recovery efforts to update company records or to develop new procedures).

New York Life's Service Organization strives to provide best in class service by making every service experience a positive one. It is the hallmark of what we do and how we keep good going. We are looking for customer focused, accountable, efficient and engaged professionals who are dedicated to and guided by a commitment to service excellence.


College preferred. Minimum 5-10 years experience. Strong oral and written communication skills are a must. Strong customer service skills required as well as analytical problem solving skills.
The Senior Representative is expected to be able to process all service requests and work with more senior representatives to handle the most difficult policy administration cases.
The Senior Representative will be expected to provide informal training on certain aspects of Policy Administration process to other members of the team.
The Senior Representative will be expected to be comfortable researching procedures and guidelines and interpreting that information, to solve atypical service issues, for example clarifying ownership of a policy.
In addition, the Senior Representative will be expected to know when to reach out to more senior team members and manager for assistance and may recommend reaching out to external areas such as the Legal Department or the product team to discuss unusual situations.
The Senior Representative will be able to make informed decisions shaped by experience and knowledge to suggest solutions to service issues that arise on their own team such as service transaction workarounds required to solve an administrative system problem. They may be able to find ways to improve service processes and increase productivity, quality, or the customer service experience.
The Senior Representative is expected to possess a strong command of the technical content related to service requests and have the skills necessary to communicate to agents, policyholders, and more junior team members (CS1, CS2) with regard to procedural and regulatory guidelines as they apply to change requests involving complex situations such as complex collateral assignments.