Industrial Plant Manager (Industrial Plant Mgr) Edmonton, Canada

Position: Industrial Plant Manager
Location: Edmonton

•Manage the day to day operations of the branch, including staffing, layout and set up of the warehouse for the appropriate storage of inventory
•Provide overall leadership and direction to Branch staff and ensure compliance the established policies, procedures and company code of ethics
•Establish and allocate targets to Warehouse and Inside Sales staff through use of standard metrics and key performance indicators and oversee all necessary staff training and development
•Participate in the establishment of satisfactory inventory levels and manage all inventory records and reports pursuant to company goals
•Provide management to the overall coordination (in conjunction with Traffic Manager) and negotiation with carriers for the shipment and receiving of all materials
•Ensure compliance with internal and external processes and related documentation of inbound and outbound goods
•Maintain and oversee compliance with all Occupational Safety and Health requirements
•Oversee the Inspection and maintenance of quality standards of all warehouse materials
•Develop and foster relationships with key stakeholders, including partnering with the regional sales team to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved
•Communicate effectively with other Branch Managers and Senior Management by sharing information on effective practices, competitive intelligence, business opportunities and needs
•Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the branch operation, to see that policies are being observed and that goals are being attained. Continuously seek opportunities for improvement and for increasing efficiency
•Participate and lead employees in the Facilities Excellence Mapping Process
•Address customer and employee satisfaction issues promptly
•Perform other duties as assigned by Senior Management

•Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management or general administration from an accredited institution preferred
•Minimum of 5 years of experience in a warehousing facility with a minimum of 3 years in a supervisory role
•Knowledge of the safety and legal procedures for handling and receiving goods
•Excellent managerial and organizational skills
•Strong leadership and motivational skills with effective team building capabilities
•A strong customer-focused orientation with the ability to build and foster effective customer relationships
•Proactive capabilities through demonstration of continuous improvement approaches
•Ability to effectively manage time and resolve crises
•5-10% travel as required