Senior Associate, Life Underwriting Division (8051BR) New York, New York

Reporting to a Managing Underwriter, the Senior Associate Underwriter is responsible for evaluating life insurance applications and determining whether applications should be approved, declined or if additional information is required.

Senior Associate Underwriters review cases with a 2-Year Total Amount at Risk of $3,000,000 including those with an Attending Physician Statement as part of the application and are authorized to issue or decline all such cases. Senior Associate Underwriters predominantly rely on Underwriting Guidelines to evaluate an applicants risk classification; however, due to the complexity associated with multiple conditions or atypical lab results, Senior Associate Underwriters are frequently required to make assessments of applicant risk absent specific direction from the Underwriting Guidelines.

Whether synthesizing the mortality risk of medical labs and family history or discounting the mortality risks of highly correlated factors such as motor vehicle reports and avocations, Underwriting Associates are expected to evaluate an applicant's overall risk profile, not simply summing the total from individual risk factors. Medical Directors and Managing Underwriters are available for consult as necessary; but Senior Associate Underwriters are expected to make a decision recommendation, not open-ended requests for insight. As the majority of applications reviewed by this role include Attending Physician Statements, a Senior Associate Underwriter must have a working knowledge of medical terminology and awareness of how various medical impairments interact and effect individual mortality risk. Senior Associate Underwriters also work closely with General Office personnel and may, at times, speak directly with agents. Consequently, Senior Associate Underwriters must have strong communication and customer service skills.


  • 5 plus years underwriting experience.
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Strong analytical, written and communication skills
  • Strong customer service skills.