Cultural Insight Grad Trainee (830) New York, USA

The role involves semiotic and cultural analysis to understand how culture is changing. And how brands can take advantage of these changes. We also look at trends to give our clients a picture of the future. Cultural Insight is a key part of what makes Added Value the source of essential marketing inspiration.

What’s an average day like with the Cultural Insight team?

We don’t really do average days, as we work across different clients and sectors on a project by project basis. This week we could be studying how male grooming and notions of male ‘beauty’ are changing in Europe. The following week we might help a brand better understand the culture of ‘swag’ in Nigeria. Our team works almost anywhere in the world, but we have people based in the UK, China, South Africa, US, Germany, France and Spain. Global travel is part of the approach and our favourite stories are of projects that have sent us to far flung destinations.

As a Cultural Insight graduate, you’ll start as a complete beginner, learning on the job with different people and receiving more formal, structured training in semiotic approaches and the applications of cultural insight.

For our 2013 graduate intake, we have positions vacant in our London, New York, Shanghai and Johannesburg offices. The South African position will start off in our Cape Town office before transferring to Johannesburg. And all our lucky grads will spend time in our London office for initial training.

The closing date for applications varies for each country, so please take note below:

Closing date for UK applications is 22nd February 2013
Closing date for US applications is 30th April 2013
Closing date for South Africa applications is 30th April 2013
Closing date for China applications is 13th June 2013