Sanctions Filtering Team Leader (374800) California, USA

Job Description

This role provides first-line supervision to a team that supports the US Dollar Clearing business function with real-time transaction sanctions filtering review. This support ensures adherence to regulatory policies and protects the Bank from reputational, operational, financial and regulatory risk. This role also recommends, interpets and implements administrative policies and procedures.
Key Roles & Responsibilities

• Supervise and coordinate the work-flow for the team (i.e. San Francisco Sanctions Filtering Team) responsible for real-time sanctions filtering review for US Dollar transactions.
• Provide input into the performance evaluations for the team, assist in work-flow management, provide guidance and counselling to team members as appropriate. Foster a team-friendly environment, ensure the team is adequately trained, and role model the Bank's values (Courageous, Responsive, International, Creative & Trustworthy).
• Provide suggestions on efficiencies, work-flow, false hit remediation, etc.
• Act as the first point of escalation for the following activities carried out by the San Francisco Sanctions Filtering team:
• Process daily Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Group Sanctions, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Her Majesty's Treasury (HMT) and Legal transactions against required lists ensuring that all transactions comply with these lists and the Bank's Group policies.
• Review false positive transactions from our internal filtering system to ensure efficiency of the screening process. Identify alerts that can be bypassed through false positive entries. Learn phrases to assist in keeping the alert rate at an acceptable level for the Bank.
• Process daily transactions ensuring that all transactions have been reviewed and properly researched prior to release. Where appropriate, provide supporting documentation and ensure that it is included so as to evidence the research.
• Review and research complex transactions that are placed in the OFAC-hold queue, to identify if more information is required.
• Adhere to Sanction Filtering Unit's established guidelines and procedures. Ensure metrics established by management are met.
It is the individual responsibility of every employee to maintain a current awareness and understanding of appropriate banking laws, regulations, internal policies and procedures and to comply fully with those laws, regulations, AML policies and Group policies and procedures.
Key Relationships
• Sanctions Filtering Associates in San Francisco and in other US locations
• Sanctions Filtering Team Leaders Newark NJ, and New York, NY
• San Francisco Site Manager
• Department Manager, Funds Transfer - Newark, NJ
• Head of Cash Management Operations - Newark, NJ
• Head, Securities Operations
• Head, Credit Operations
• GSSC Management Team
Qualifications & Skills
• Proven experience managing a team preferred.
• 1 year of sanctions filtering related experience and skills, as well as thorough knowledge of current OFAC guidelines and regulations preferred.
• Knowledge of US Dollar Clearing Operations, Systems and Procedures preferred.
• Knowledge of CHIPS, FEDWIRE, SWIFT and telex formatting as related to payment processing preferred.
• Must demonstrate professional conduct, critical thinking skills, and ability to effectively manage one's time.
• Strong communications skills, both written and verbal.
• Strong customer service orientation.
• Computer skills necessary, especially use of internet .
• Ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
• Good organizational, research skills and administrative abilities.
• Demonstrates the Bank's values: Courageous, Responsive, International, Creative and Trustworthy.
• Non-standard work hours required, such as: possible night shift processing, work on holidays and overtime as needed.
• Must have the ability to support holiday, weekend, and off-hour testing
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