Analyst, Master Files (50524673) Stamford, Connecticut

(This position is Non-Exempt)

Primary objective of the position as subject matter expert, is to create, maintain, and validate all SAP master data pertaining to vendors and customers, with urgency and adherence to company policy, as well as DEA and IRS regulations (where applicable) while maintaining strong internal and financial controls. Incumbent performs daily Tax ID Number matching on IRS website and ensures IRS Forms W-9 and W-8 are received with complete/correct information for processing new vendor requests. Position audits wire payments, high-dollar checks, and T&E expense disbursements in adherence to IRS requirements and department Standard Operating Procedures, ensuring 100% accuracy, and completeness of information. Individual prepares weekly/monthly reports in Microsoft word, Access and Excel, and performs vendor and customer data cleansing analysis and maintenance, and assists in updating department operating procedures. Position may provide support for checkroom functions, including primary process owner in obtaining executive signatures on Wire Transfer Requests and checks over a specified threshold dollar amount as well as mailing all checks, or may act as Intranet site administrator.


Executes vendor master review and cleansing in preparation for 1099 IRS tax reporting.

As the subject matter expert, incumbent creates, maintains, and validates all SAP master data pertaining to vendor and customer master functions, performs daily Tax ID Number matching on IRS website, ensuring adherence to Purdue policy, department operating procedures as well as DEA and IRS regulations.

Audits T&E expense reports, audits wire payments and high dollar checks, ensuring 100% accuracy while maintaining internal controls. Works closely with management to identify and remedy auditing issues as they occur. Obtains authorized executive signatures for all wire payment requests and checks over a specified dollar amount and manages checkroom activities as required.

In preparation for 1099 tax reporting, performs detailed vendor and customer file analysis and cleansing. Compiles, analyzes data, and prepares reports for all master data projects or any new reports required for Disbursements Control. Assists with updates to department Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) ensuring procedures remain up-to-date and internal controls are not compromised.

Educational Requirements 

Associate's Degree in Business

Required Experience & Technical Requirements

Three years experience in an Accounts Payable, Customer Service, or Disbursements Control environment required.
Proficient in PC programs including Windows, and MS Word and Excel.
Strong working knowledge of CVM, SAP Vendor Master and/or Sales & Distribution Modules.

This position requires a thorough understanding of concepts and process knowledge of the SAP System master data in order to effectively maintain the customer and vendor master data, and understands the complexities of this master data. Incumbent will receive on-the-job training for all facets of master data.

Must possess a solid working knowledge of Microsoft suite of programs; good analytical and problem solving skills needed in order to successfully analyze, data mine, and develop comprehensive metrics reporting.

The position requires an understanding of Accounts Payable, Disbursements Control, and Customer Service policies and procedures surrounding orders, wire payments, checks, and T&E expense disbursements, as well as the ability to work with management to identify and address gray issues that don't fall neatly under these policies.

Individual must have good verbal and written communication skills, which are essential in assisting with the maintenance of operating procedures and other written documentation.
Position requires the ability to rapidly acquire an overview and understanding of various financial functions, systems, best practices, and internal control procedures for all aspects of financial operations with strong aptitude toward customer service.

Requires creativity in applying innovation in identifying and recommending process improvements to management relative to department needs or metrics analyzed.