Electronics Technician (RE-12450097) Newark, California

Salary: USD20 - USD40 per hour

PURPOSE OF JOB:  An experienced Electronics Technician to assemble, test and debug RF Generators.


  1. Perform inspection and testing on completed systems and sub-assemblies.
  2. Work with QA, R&D and Manufacturing engineers to analyze engineering test failures and develop solutions.
  3. Performs system and assembly-level troubleshooting and repair of units returned for service.
  4. Assemble test fixtures/jigs and production aids when required.
  5. Performs other duties as assigned.

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES:  Performs scheduled PM on test and manufacturing fixtures and equipment

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS:  Associates or Bachelor’s Degree in Science or Electrical, Mechanical or Biomedical Engineering or equivalent experience.

EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS:  Previous experience in medical device manufacturing QA or Test Engineering.  Experience with Mechanical devices is a plus.


  1. Customer focused with excellent communication skills.
  2. Demonstrated ability at the bench/system level troubleshooting and prototype construction.
  3. Computer literate and experienced with basic statistical methods.
  4. Team oriented.

Please be in contact as soon as possible for this urgent hire.