DS - Repair & Maintenance Technician (28268) Houston, Texas

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Job Scope: Perform Level II Repair and Maintenance activities of Rotary Steerable Technologies

Key Responsibilities:
Performs inbound and outbound tests of Bias Units, Controllers, and Downlink Commanders.
Assembles and disassembles all sizes of bias units and controllers, ensuring quality and service procedures are followed
Assembles and disassembles Downlink Commanders for complete service and ensures recertification is performed.
Operates the Break-out Unit to assemble and disassemble Bias Units
Performs visual inspection on all parts according to the pass/fail criteria as laid out in the WI. Defers questionable parts to QC.
Completes documentation on parts that do not meet the quality standard and removes those parts to the Inventory room for repair or disposal.
Performs failure analysis and updates analysis in the Reliability database.
On Call 24/7 capability
Work assignments carried out to the highest quality level.
Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.


• Minimum High School education or equivalent

Skills / Knowledge
• Mechanically inclined
• Technical knowledge of Drilling Systems products and Services
• Excellent communication, organization, troubleshooting and teamwork skills
• A positive attitude and a high degree of self-discipline and motivation.
• Self-sufficient, ability to work under demanding conditions. Works well with others.
• Soldering

• Familiarity with Weatherford QHSSE practices, policies, and procedures
• Previous experience as a R&M Technician - RSS I, LWD I, or LWD II
• Previous training or experience as a mechanical technician