Senior Support Specialist (4001051792) Canton, Ohio

Salary: Commensurate

Senior Operations Tech.

This position is for afternoon shift 4:00pm to 12:30am EST.

1. The Senior Operations Technician is responsible for performing functions from the Corporate Data Center control room including the following: Perform limited first level problem determination function for the user community by answering the phone and transferring or correcting the problem being reported. Appropriately log or update an entry in the Problem Tracking System and then route to the appropriate support personnel. Monitor hardware, software and environmentals for the various data centers and initiate appropriate actions to resolve problems.

2. Perform batch job execution by using automated job scheduling software, initiate the jobs, monitor the running of the jobs and correcting any problems which may arise from an a bend. If unable to fix a cancellation, contact the appropriate support personnel and appropriately log, update and/or transfer the incident in the Problem Tracking System.

3. Monitor availability and performance of the computer hardware, software and environments using a variety of monitoring applications. If a problem is detected, the problem must be either corrected immediately or contact the appropriate hardware support contact or provider or the software support contact and appropriately log, update and/or transfer the incident in the Problem Tracking System.

4. Rotate through a weekend schedule during which the Senior Operations Technician may be required to work alone, ensure that all equipment and software remains in proper operating order and answer phone call inquiries. Assist in providing 7 day per week / 24 hour a day coverage including weekends and holidays.

5. On a regular basis, perform an Initial Program Load (IPL) which involves shutting down the mainframe computers and initializing the operating systems.

6. Must work closely with first level Help Desk(s).

7. Perform tape vaulting activities for off-site storage.

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