Nurse Practitioner-Thoracic/Cardio Surgery (1013) Cleveland, Ohio

Salary: USD70000 - USD71000 per year

Tier III--Critical Care Special Procedures (T31167) Nurse practitioners are licensed healthcare practitioners who provide primary and/or specialty nursing and medical care in a variety of inpatient, ambulatory and long term settings. Nurse practitioners function in collaboration with a physician, dentist or podiatrist according to a Standard Care Arrangement. Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with advanced education, usually at a Masters of doctoral level. Their practice emphasizes health promotion and maintenance, disease prevention and the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic health problems. They may specialize and be certified in acute care, adult, family, gerontological, psychiatric and mental health, pediatric and womens health. Nurse practitioners are credentialed.

Nurse practitioners in the critical care role provide advanced nursing care to patients with complex, acute, critical and chronic health conditions including the delivery of acute care services. Practice with a variety of specialty-based populations including neonatal, pediatric, and adult. May include the performance of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions to manage acute and chronic health problems and promote physiologic stability. Skill set dependent upon the specific patient population and specialty-based area of practice. Critical care nurse practitioners practice in settings that require complex monitoring and therapies and high intensity nursing interventions, including interventions to support the patient with rapidly deteriorating physiologic conditions. Demonstrated ability to utilize the electronic medical record.


Master's or doctoral degree preferred. Demonstrated mastery of nursing concepts and principles and abilty to identify and use appropriate concepts and principles from related sciences; e.g. behavioral sciences and biological sciences. Excellent analytical and decision making skills are required. Strong written and verbal communication skills. Ability to work as a member of a multi disciplinary team. Demonstrated competency and the ability to perform advanced assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan development and invasive procedures as per clinical privileges. Two years of current clinical experience in clinical nursing. Registerd Nurse currently licensed in the State of Ohio. National certification as Acute Care Nurse Practitioner required. Current Certificate of Authority by Ohio Board of Nursing required. Certificate to prescribe by Ohio Board of Nursing preferred and essential within 6 months of hire. Typical physical demands include the ability to walk and stand for long periods of time. Manual and finger dexterity and eye/hand coordination to perform physical examinations. Requires corrected vision and hearing to a normal range. Occasionally lifts and carries items weighing up to 50 pounds. May require exposure to communicable diseases and/or body fluids.