Nurse Prac. Emergency Room (1035) Akron, Ohio

Salary: USD70000 - USD71000 per year

Responsible for evaluation (including obtaining a complete history and physical examination as well as obtaining appropriate laboratory/radiographic studies, and utilizing consultative services when appropriate), treatment, and disposition of patients presenting for unscheduled care in the Emergency Department or any of its clinical sections. The Nurse Practitioner will complete these functions independently and in collaboration with the Emergency Department Attending Physician and other health care professionals. Acts as resource for staff/resident in the emergency room and liaison for family members with various members of the health care team. Reports to the Division Director and Pediatric Subspecialty Manager.

Role Responsibilities

Individual patient evaluation and management as outlined; supervisory role of groups of patients in collaboration with Emergency Department attending physician for overall coordination of patient care in the Emergency Department. Responsible for assessment, treatment, discharge planning, nursing care delivery, and documentation of care. Specific procedural skills to be demonstrated and successfully implemented in the clinical setting include, but are not limited to: procedural sedation; lumber puncture; peripheral and central venous access; arterial blood sampling; ECG interpretation; wound evaluation and management/closure; splint application; evaluation of abused and/or neglected patients; and other procedures as indicated in the appropriate credentialing and privileging documents. The NP will participate in the development of protocols, policies, and procedures, and will serve as an adjunct to the education of both nursing and resident staff. Approximately 80% of time devoted to clinical duties and 20% assigned to administrative, program development, teaching and research duties. Operates within scope of practice in accordance with Section 4723.431 of the Ohio Revised Code and rule adopted by the Board of Nursing for Advanced Practice Nurses, the national certifying agency, and according to the Standard Care Arrangement signed by the EDNP and collaborating physician(s).

Desired or must obtain:  Management/supervisory experience preferred. Must obtain credentialing as member of medical staff.